Paige Wood

Food and Recipes

Switch up your breakfast with some of these healthy alternatives from around the world!

For as many languages I speak and places I’ve been, I’ve found that I don’t like to venture to far in my food choices – especially in regards to breakfast.

Food and Recipes

A Mediterranean mindset for the everyday Michigander

This summer, I took the oppurtunity to travel through the Mediterranean for two weeks. With its gorgeous coastlines, constant sunshine and bevy of historical…

Food and Recipes

Going raw may be good for you but expect some challenges

What’s good about going on a raw food diet? Claims include weight loss, increased energy, clearer skin, and a lower risk of diseases such as diabetes and cancer.


Nutrients that matter in fighting depression

Depression affects almost 19 million Americans each year, and is an illness that no one is immune from. While loneliness and stress are common producers of…

Food and Recipes

Can’t Avoid Those Sweet Temptations? Four Simple Ways to Help Stop a Sugar Binge

Do you ever get the sugar binge blues? Do you feel guilty after giving into those sweet but fattening temptations? Don’t worry, even the most diligent of…

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