Laura Burkett


3 secrets to a successful resolution

New Year's resolutions often fall to the wayside but these insights will help you stay on track throughout the whole year.

Food and Recipes

Overcome these 3 holiday eating challenges

Holiday eating needs a makeover. The increase in refined sugars and carbohydrates can feel tricky, but isn’t necessarily the problem; it’s the collective ways…

Food and Recipes

Remember This as the Holiday Season Nears

Many people unconsciously shift into a food “free-for-all” as the holidays approach. Here’s a better way to handle stress eating during the holiday season.

Whole grilled chicken with mushrooms and potatoes close-up.
Food and Recipes

Why Apples Keep You Trim and Healthy

I was so happy to see the first batches of apples at the famers market over the past few weeks. Which means it’s time for apple pies, apple sauce, apple cider…

Food and Recipes

3 post-pool party juices to balance your body

Processed snacks, burgers and hotdogs are alright on occasion, but over time the body can start to get a little heavy, sluggish and overly acidic.

Food and Recipes

How to Stop Snacking This Summer

So you can’t get enough of the pretzels, crackers, chips or sweets this summer? Do you tend to snack more frequently in the summer and wonder what’s behind it?

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