Kathryn Hawkes

Kathryn Hawkes is a graduate of Wayne State University and is pursuing a master’s degree in user experience design at Kent State. She loves staying active, dogs, and going to eat around Detroit. Kathryn was born and raised in Michigan. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, learning, taking in art, and doing makeup.

Why More Women Should Practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has grown in popularity for both men and women. Learn more about some of the many benefits of practicing Jiu Jitsu!

more women should practice Brazilian Ji Jitsu
Home and Family

The Surprisingly Social Side of Homeschooling

It’s a common misconception that home-schooled kids miss out on opportunities to socialize. Here are just a few ways these students can interact with peers.

social side of home schooling

Adult Onset Food Allergies: What You Need to Know

Adults can develop an allergy to a food they used to eat with no problem. Recognizing the signs and symptoms is important to controlling the allergy.

adult onset food allergies

Experience Augmented Reality with Lumin at the DIA

Lumin is an augmented reality (AR) tour that allows users to visit the Detroit Institute of Arts in a whole new way.

Lumin at the DIA
Home and Family

Minimalism and a Family Dynamic

Minimalism is about living more with less. Incorporating that idea into a family dynamic can be difficult. Read on for some tips.

adopting minimalism as a family
Home and Family

C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital Needs Help Sending Valentines To Patients

C.S Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor is asking people to send patients virtual Valentine’s Day cards so that every patient feels the love.

send a virtual valentine to a sick kid

Seeking a Straighter Smile: My Adult Braces Story

New Year’s resolutions usually include losing weight, saving money, or learning a new hobby. Mine was to fix my teeth.

Getting adult braces

Detroit Named Top Food City: Where to Find Healthy Picks

While most of the world knows Detroit for its automotive prowess, Detroit’s revival is bringing with it an array of must-try restaurants.

Healthy Food Picks in Detroit

Detroit Restaurant Week Returns

Detroit Restaurant Week runs Feb. 3-12, with plenty of mouth-watering options. Which restaurants are you hoping to experience during the 10-night celebration?

detroit restaurant week

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