Jourdan Treadwell

Food and Recipes

Don’t be chicken, try these tasty fajitas!

Sometimes when we are constantly running around completing different tasks throughout the day, we hardly have any time to cook a healthy meal. Instead…


Discover the beauty in the Upper Peninsula by hiking these four trails

Hiking gives people a chance to venture into the wilderness and explore everything that nature has to offer. Not only is it a great way to exercise…

Sun lotion and sun glasses

Enjoy UV Safety Month with a few tips for safe sun fun

During the summer I love spending my days outside with the beautiful weather and sunshine.

Food and Recipes

Spice up your life: Why adding spices to your diet will benefit you

I have always heard how spicy food leads to ulcers, bad indigestion and obesity, but I’ve wondered if this was all true. So I decided to investigate…

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