Jordyn Hardy

Jordyn Hardy is a rising Sophomore at the University of Michigan majoring in Art and Design, with a focus in photography. This summer, she is working at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan as a Corporate Communications Intern. Jordyn is interested in a career that ties both the design and corporate worlds together, and is actively working to discover more about each sphere. When she is not taking photos or studying, she loves to spend her time with animals, friends, or a good book at the end of the day.
Do you know about Michigan's four species of bees, and the work they do to pollinate our flowers, fruits, and vegetables?

Different Types of Bees in Michigan

Do you know about the four species of bees, and the work they do to pollinate our flowers, fruits, and vegetables?

Bees in the D

Bees in the D Supports and Protects Nature’s Biggest Heroes  

Bees in the D is a nonprofit organization that works to educate metro Detroit on the importance of bee conservation. 

Teenage boy playing with a popper on the couch

Anti-Anxiety Back to School Kit

For many kids, social anxiety is a large stressor when going back to school. Combat those uneasy feelings by creating an anti-anxiety back to school kit.

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