Caroline Samuelsen

Caroline Samuelsen is a 2024 Corporate Communications intern for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. She is a rising junior at Northwestern University majoring in communications, business, and digital media/marketing. In her free time, she loves reading, driving, and working at The Hallmark store.
Things To Do

Michigan Bucket List: Ann Arbor Art Fair

Every July, one of the nation’s largest art festivals is right here in Michigan. The Ann Arbor Art Fair is an exciting, three-day festival that brings half a million visitors to Ann Arbor. The fair takes up 30 blocks of Ann Arbor and features more than 1,000 artists.


Michigan Bucket List: The Dow Gardens

Located in Midland, the Dow Gardens is 110 acres of tall trees, running water, and beautiful blooming flowers. The botanical garden is the perfect place to take a day trip to disconnect from the world and take a nature walk.


Michigan Bucket List: Flea Markets

This summer, there are a lot of opportunities for purchasing second-hand items. Flea markets are a perfect place to find second-hand clothing, vintage furniture items, or books you’ve been dying to read. Flea markets are also a great way to consider your carbon footprint and reconsider your use of fast fashion.


Michigan Bucket List: Hot Air Balloon Festivals 

Hot air balloons offer the chance to see the breathtaking sight of different colors flying through the sky and learn about the physics of the balloons. There are plenty of opportunities across the state to see these spectacles. We have a list of a few different locations and dates where you can see a hot air balloon festival in Michigan.

Health and Wellness

Is My Water Bottle Straw Clean?

Water bottles are traveling everywhere with you and collecting the germs from places you go. From errands to work to an outdoor soccer game on the weekends, your water bottle straw is picking up bacteria in those areas.

Home and Family

Creative Ways to Thank the Father Figure in Your Life

Every year it can be a challenge to come up with something new and exciting to celebrate the father figure in your life. What to do for a man who has done so much for you? We’re here to help you come up with ideas to honor the father figure in your life.

Diet and Nutrition

Healthy Homemade Popsicle Recipes with Fresh Fruit

The freezer aisle of your favorite grocery stores is filled with different flavored popsicles sure to make you cool off a bit. However, in those freezers full of popsicles there are a lot of added sugars, colors, high fructose corn syrup, and preservatives. Learn some healthy fresh-fruit popsicle recipe to make at home.

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