Alternatives for Your Morning Coffee

For millions of people, their morning routine doesn’t kick in until their first cup of coffee has been poured. But for some people, coffee can cause problems. Some say their morning brew leads to an upset stomach, heartburn, or makes them feel jittery. Others simply don’t like the taste, or don’t want the caffeine. Luckily, there are all kinds of alternatives to starting your day off with a cup of joe. Let’s look at some tasty options that have nothing to do with roasted beans.  

 Mornings are good for hydrating. Drinking water in the morning is a must for getting your day off to a healthy start. Our bodies are made up of about 60% water. Drinking several glasses a day – and getting more from the fruits, vegetables and other foods we eat – helps ensure that our bodies can function the right way. Mornings are an important time to start our daily water intake because we’re usually a little parched after sleeping for hours.  

Nutrition experts advise drinking a glass or two of water as you start your day. It refreshes your body and restores fluids lost while you were sleeping. Some ways to get that water: 

  • Herbal tea 
  • Hot water with lemon. If the lemon is too tart, add a teaspoon of honey 
  • Ice water with a few drops of flavored water enhancer 

Coffee alternatives.  There are lots of alternatives to brewing coffee as a morning ritual. Some of these alternatives have a caffeine kick. Others are caffeine-free but still have lots of flavor. You’ll want to sample a few to see which tastes the best to you. And if you like them, keep them in your cupboards so you can rotate them. Variety is a nice morning perk.  

  • Chai Tea: This type of black tea packs caffeine, but it also comes with a strong, spiced flavor. It’s a good substitute for those wanting a morning beverage that’s a real pick-me-up. Want a softer-tasting chai? Warm some milk and add it in for a creamy treat.  
  • Chicory Root: Fans of New Orleans will recognize this flavor. Chicory root is chopped, roasted and can be brewed like ground coffee beans. This brew is caffeine-free. It does have a distinct taste, so you’ll want to see if it suits you. It can be dressed up with sugar and creamer just like coffee.  
  •  Matcha Tea: Long praised for its health benefits and fresh, woodsy taste, this type of tea comes as a finely-ground powder. It’s added into all sorts of drinks and smoothies these days, but it also makes for a nice morning drink when it’s whisked into hot water. You can make it a latte by adding hot milk. 


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