Top Picturesque Locations for Spring

Spring is in the air! The winter frost has worn off and flowers are just getting ready to peek out all around the state.

Don’t miss seeing the bright colors this spring at these locations:

Holland– Holland is home to the annual Tulip Festival where you can see millions of Tulips throughout the town. Travel to Holland to witness traditional Dutch culture coming to life and snap a picture in a field with countless colorful tulips.

Grand Rapids– Check out the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park to see all the beautiful flowers blooming there. Pose with a sculpture or in a field of flowers to show off Michigan in the spring.

Mackinac Island– Mackinac Island is situated between the upper and lower peninsulas and takes its visitors back in time. If you travel to the island in the spring time, you’re guaranteed to see the brightest spring flowers. Capture the natural beauty of Mackinac Island during the spring months to add a bit of color to your camera roll.

Old Mission– Old Mission is known for its cherry blossom trees that bloom in the spring months. Visiting this area is sure to include miles of beautiful cherry blossom trees covered in flowers. Make a quick stop to capture the flowers at their peak.

Cranbrook House and Gardens– Take a tour of the Cranbrook House and Gardens during the spring to see the abundance of flowers grown there. Every square foot of the property is guaranteed to add a pop of color to your pictures.

Lansing– Looking to find some butterflies for your next picture? Check out the Children’s Garden in Lansing to see butterflies flying from flower to flower- a perfect image of spring.

Which picturesque Michigan locations are you planning to visit this spring?

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