Why You Should Reach for the Edamame This Winter

Many people are looking to integrate more plant-based sources of protein for health and environmental reasons. Soy can be transformed into a variety of food products, from tofu to dairy substitutes. It’s environmentally friendly to grow and is an inexpensive protein source, making it a star in sustainability worldwide.

Edamame is a young soybean, hence its green color. Despite its youth, edamame offers more vitamin K and manganese than the mature soybean. It also provides five times the folate than its mature counterpart, a nutrient important to prevent neural tube defects during pregnancy. Like the mature soybean, edamame contains protein. In fact, about 12 percent is made up of protein, so it can double as a veggie and plant-based protein source.

Though edamame might most often be found as an appetizer at an Asian-inspired restaurant, this soy protein is easy and versatile to prepare at home. Found in the freezer aisle through all four seasons, check out these four healthy vegan edamame recipes:

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