Halloween Recipe Roundup

Americans can consume up to 3.4 pounds of candy on Halloween. Set yourself up for success by having a healthy, Halloween-themed party before taking the kids out trick-or-treating or invite friends over to celebrate the spooky holiday. If you’re struggling with creative and healthy ideas on what to serve at your party, check out these recipes below:

Halloween Boo Berries: Strawberries dipped in white chocolate are the perfect healthy dessert option. You don’t need to serve unhealthy cake or ice cream for dessert especially if a mountain of trick-or-treating goodies will be coming home later to snack on. Make these fun, festive and easy boo-berries to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Boo Berries

Jack-O’-Lantern Antipasto: This is the perfect, festive side dish for your Halloween party. Pasta salad is a crowd favorite and can be paired with most menus. You can serve it in a “jack-o’-lantern” bell pepper to keep with the theme.

jack O'Lantern

Halloween Kiwi Steins: These are on-the-go treats your trick-or-treaters can grab on the way out the door. Kiwis are full of fiber so there won’t be any mid-trick-or-treating hunger pains. You can get your children involved with making these, too.

Kiwi Steins

Mummy Eggplant Pizza: You don’t need to order a deep-dish pizza to celebrate Halloween. Try making a healthier version of pizza with these mummy eggplant pizzas. Eggplants are low in carbohydrates compared to pizza crust, but it will still taste the same!

Eggplant Pizzas

Pumpkin Meatball Spiders: Packed with protein and flavor, these meatballs are the perfect hearty addition to your Halloween party menu. Not only are they festive, but they’re also healthy, too! You can make them the night before to reduce prep / cook time and then just re-heat before serving.

Spider Meatballs

Candy Corn Fruit Parfaits: Set this up as a “bar / buffet” and have kids make it for themselves to involve them in healthy eating. Most fruits are filled with fiber and coupled with the protein in Greek yogurt, there will be no snacking on candy during trick-or-treating.

Candy Corn

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