4 Empowering Apps to Keep You Healthy at Work

If you work full-time, you’re likely spending about half of your waking hours at the office, according to the World Health Organization. That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with a healthy environment on the job. Creating healthy workplace habits will make it easier to be healthy from nine to five—even while dealing with busy schedules, deadlines and distractions.

That’s where your smartphone can help. You probably already have it out on your desk during the day, so why not download a few apps to help you get in your steps, stick to your diet and feel less stressed? Instead of sifting through the more than 165,000 apps available, start with these four:

  1. The BCBSM mobile app: This is the most convenient way to stay informed about your Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO or Blue Care Network HMO plan. It allows you to quickly find doctors and hospitals nearby, and check your deductibles and claims – all with easy-to-follow explanations. On top of that, the collection of Blue365 member discounts (like $25 gym memberships) can provide the extra encouragement you need to follow through with your fitness plans.
  2. Hotseat: There’s nothing more motivating than a challenge. Hotseat uses social accountability and games to create fun, two-minute activity breaks throughout the day. Just choose a physical activity to do on your own or with others, like stretching or planks. The app then syncs with your calendars and plugs in challenges where there’s open time, reminding you to take a break and get active!
  3. Fooducate: With catered office lunches and finding food on-the-fly, it’s hard to always know the nutritional quality of the food you’re eating at work. Fooducate functions as a calorie tracker, analyzing your meal for nutrients and ensuring you’re getting the daily recommended amounts. In addition, it can advise you in case what you eat impacts your allergies or other health conditions.
  4. Buddhify: Stress can happen at any time, so use this app to give yourself a break from anxiety. Just pick what you’re doing—choose from more than 80 different meditations designed for moments like when you’re feeling stressed, need a work break or just waiting around.

Mobile apps like these can help you stay on track with your wellness goals—even during a hectic day at the office. How else do you stick to your routine? Let us know in the comments.

Photo credit: Alex Brylov

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