What’s a Hammocraft?

Outdoor enthusiasts are always looking for new toys to amp up their summers. And no, we’re not talking about the ones found in the kid’s section.

Think kayaks to jet skis, grills to extravagant outdoor fire pits – the types of accessories that make your local or “up north” getaway the place to be. So what’s the newest, most versatile item to have this summer? One of our A Healthier Michigan team members got to try it.

Leisure in luxury

A Hammocraft is the evolved version of your backyard hammock. The frame is made up of eight metal rods; four that connect a square base and four more that angle out about 120 degrees. This installation is sturdy, durable and easily transportable. It’s possible to hang up to five hammocks at once, on land or over water.

That’s right, it can be used with your favorite flotation devices! By tying the frame to two kayaks or paddleboards, you can take your lazy river adventure to a whole new level. Over water, you have to have at least two people hammocking, with one on each side for a balanced craft. You can make your craft mobile by paddling, or attaching small motors to the frame. Want to stay in one place? Tie the craft down or use a nine-pound anchor to help keep you stationary.

Hammocks have become quite popular over the past couple of years, and more technologically advanced. Now, you can even hot-tub as you swing between two trees. Hammocks are easy to pack and hike with, making any spot along a trail a perfect place to set up camp and relax. With attachable mosquito nets, you can comfortably sleep all night off the ground. There’s no need to lug a tent when you can hang around for half the price.

Remember to be conscious

If choosing to shelter with this option please remember to use “tree saver” straps that minimize the potentially small footprint that could be left when hammocking. That’s why these crafty metal support systems can be just as effective for your summer bucket list without being destructive.

Hang loose, hang safe and hang happy this summer in Michigan!

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Photo credit: Sando Elia, A Healthier Michigan


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  1. Thanks for the Hammocraft love! A user can actually float on the water with the Hammocraft by themselves by hanging their hammock diagonally on the frame. So even though it’s easily possibly to float by yourself, it’s always more fun with friends!

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