June #MIKidsCan Champion of the Month: Lilly Groth

While many kids celebrate the Fourth of July watching fireworks from their backyard, Lilly Groth will see them from a rooftop overlooking the Detroit River at the 2017 Ford Fireworks Rooftop Party on Monday, June 26.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s June #MIKidsCan Champion of the Month was chosen from nearly 60 entries to the #MIKidsCan VIP Fireworks Contest after sharing her inspiring wellness goals for summer. This passionate 13-year-old plans to do activities she enjoys, along with some that are outside of her comfort zone.

Lily Groth, Age 13

Despite never being a runner, Lilly is beginning to train for the Detroit Free Press Half-Marathon with her mom. While describing their first training session, Lilly’s attitude was overwhelmingly positive.

“Being a beginner, my main goal is just to finish the race—even if I have to do a combination of walking and running,” Lilly said. “I’m most excited to spend time with my parents and try something new.”

This soon-to-be high schooler isn’t stopping at half-marathon training. Being an avid dancer since age five, Lilly plans to show her mom the art of tapping—a technique she feels especially close to after eight years of dance and seven years of theatre experience.

“My mom has always wanted to learn how to tap, so I’m excited to help her accomplish that goal,” Lilly explained.

In her spare time, Lilly is happiest writing. Three years ago, she began working on a fictional story that is now 152 pages long. One day, she hopes to find a career in her hobby.

“I love that you can create an entire world using your imagination,” Lilly said. “I write down new ideas every day.”

This creative spirit hopes that others her age aren’t afraid to accomplish their goals.

“My advice would be to never give up on something you want to achieve, even if it seems difficult,” Lilly explained.

Do you know a child who deserves to be recognized for their commitment to living a healthy, active lifestyle? Nominate them to be a #MIKidsCan Champion of the Month at AHealthierMichigan.org/MIKidsCan.

Photo Credit: Lilly Groth (feature, inset)

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