Experience Augmented Reality with Lumin at the DIA

Lumin is an augmented reality (AR) tour that allows users to tour the Detroit Institute of Arts unlike ever before. It is the first tour of its kind in any museum. Using a handheld mobile device, visitors are guided through seven different exhibits by a trail of virtual blue dots, moving to each featured piece.

The tour lets visitors stand at a digital reconstruction of the gates of Babylon, use X-ray vision to see the skeleton of an Egyptian mummy and watch ancient art be created firsthand. Lumin tours also provide visitors with engaging and informative facts about the art, history, creators, and use. Lumin was created from a partnership with the DIA, Google and GuidiGo.

By using Lumin, guests are able to view and interact with the art in more intimate ways. Lumin is meant to engage guests, encourage them to look closer at the art, and enhance their experience with technology.

“Lumin gives people the opportunity to experience art in ways not possible with traditional media, like a label, photograph, or video,” said Megan DiRienzo, interpretive planner at the DIA. “Lumin allows guests to see what a sculpture might have looked like in its original time, using 3D assets.”

The augmented reality Lumin provides allows guests to experience objects that may appear different, or far removed from everyday life.
For example, one exhibit featured on the tour looks like an empty bowl, but in its original form it was an ancient water filtration system. Visitors can tap on a piece of pottery to see what it originally looked like and how it would have been used.

“When you’re just looking at a piece of art in a case, its purpose might not be so apparent,” said DiRienzo. “But when you overlay an animation along with the object in augmented reality, it makes the purpose very clear.”

To learn more about Lumin, the people involved, and to see our experience, check outour video below:

Lumin tours are available daily at the DIA and are free for Wayne, Oakland and Macomb county residents and DIA members. For all others, the Lumin tour is included in the cost of admission, which is $12.50 for adults, $8 for seniors, and $6 for children. For more information visit dia.org

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