5 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe While Swimming this Summer

The summer brings lots of families to the neighborhood pool—it’s the perfect way to have fun and cool off when the days get hot. But with the family pool trip comes great responsibility. Sadly, nearly 1,000 kids die each year by drowning. Whether you’re accompanying young children or teens to the pool make sure they’re staying safe while splashing around. Here are a few ways to do that:

  1. Stay within arms distance. If you’re the supervising adult, stay within an arm’s length whenever a child under the age of five is in or near the water. This ensures that you’re there if something happens and that you’ll never be at risk of losing your child in the chaos of the water. It’s easier than you think to lose sight of your little one in a crowded pool.
  2. Use the buddy system. Whether you’re at the pool or a public beach, make sure everyone has at least one buddy and that nobody is swimming alone. Before you head out for your water adventure, decide with the adults who’s responsible for who.
  3. No cell phones near water. When you head to the pool with your family, decide that you’re not going to get distracted by your phone. It’s easy to get caught up in your newsfeed instead of focusing on your kid’s safety. Even chatting with other parents can be a distraction – so make sure you’re alert at all times.
  4. Refresh your CPR skills. It’s smart to brush up your CPR skills since knowing certain safety procedures can come in handy if you’re at the pool or on a beach. Check out CPR classes in Michigan hosted by the American Red Cross.
  5. Remember that life jackets aren’t just for boats. There are many instances where life jackets are appropriate, including if your young child is a weak swimmer or you’re visiting a water park with someone who doesn’t know how to swim that well. Just remember: Life jackets only work when they’re worn properly. Also keep in mind that water wings and inflatable toys are not substitutes for life jackets or adult supervision.

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Photo Credit: Kids Kamp 2011

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