5 Fun Facts About Michigan

Did you know Michigan’s state flower is the Apple Blossom? Or that our state game mammal is the white-tailed deer?

From our picturesque Petoskey stones to the magnificent Mighty Mac, Michiganders take pride in the many things that make our state so unique. But aside from these well-known state symbols, the Great Lakes state has a few other distinctions you may not have known about.

Here are five surprisingly fun facts with tips from the Healthier Michigan team to help you explore more.

  1. Michigan has more miles of freshwater shoreline than any other state in the nation. About 3,000 miles, to be exact. One of the most breathtaking views is along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The area is open year-round, but you’ll want to check for possible road closures if you plan to visit during winter months. 
    Watch our video of a Pictured Rocks sunset cruise here.
  2. Michigan has the only authentic Dutch windmill operating in the United States. The De Zwaan Windmill in Holland, Mich. is not only a historic attraction, it’s also a functioning machine that produces healthy whole wheat flour for the local community and beyond. 
    Check out this recipe for making your own healthy wheat bran muffins using stone ground flour.
  3. Michigan is home to one of only four ice luge tracks in the nation. The Muskegon Winter Sports Complex offers visitors access to acres of ice, trails and woods for those brave enough to bare the cold temperatures. 
    Read what one of our bloggers had to say about taking the plunge down the 850-foot icy track.
  4. Michigan is home to one of 30 certified International Dark Sky Parks in the world. The Headlands in Mackinaw City was designated an official dark sky park in 2011. Visitors can explore 600 acres of old-growth forest and more than two miles of undeveloped Lake Michigan shoreline, all undiluted by light pollution. 
    See breathtaking photos from a stargazer’s point of view in this blog where we explore the magic of Northern Michigan’s dark sky park.
  5. Michigan is the second-most agriculturally diverse state in the nation. With our variety of seasons, rich farming regions and proximity to the Great Lakes, Michigan grows and distributes hundreds of different crops each year. We’re the top producer of tart cherries in the country, among other accolades. 
    Check out #MIProduce on Instagram for healthy meals that look (and taste) better with local Michigan produce.

Next time you’re with friends and family, use these facts to help inspire others to be proud of our great state.

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Photo credit: nvenechuk

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  1. MI BC/BS accepted 9 months premium from me w/o providing any coverage. When those facts were brought to its attention, it chose to keep the money rather than do what is right. So, whenever I have the opportunity, I purchase negative advertising for it, the value of which, is am certain already exceeds its ill gotten gains.

    1. Hello — We are sorry about your frustration. Someone from our member services team has sent you an email to see how we can help. Thank you.

  2. I am just now receiving your article so this comment is not very timely but the state mammal of Michigan is the Whitetail deer (yup no ed).
    File that away.

  3. I Traveled Michigan on my Bike and Did 10,000 Miles in 1st HD. Didn’t get off Until covered The Lower Pensula. Had A Beauitful Gorgust Time on roaming good Time Watching Michigan

  4. Angela, you are my NEW HERO. I’ve been a Michigan resident since November 19, 1944, and I really like the way you portray Michigan. Thank you very much!

  5. Wow! Who knew? You are correct these facts make me even prouder to be a Michigander ( no michiganians, here in Dearborn)!

  6. In 1991, I graduated and joined the Army to GET OUT OF MICHIGAN!!!! Not until I was gone for nearly 2 decades, did my ❤️ start calling me home. :,).
    Lake Michigan is my favorite place to visit on this earth…absence made my ❤️ grow fonder. Now I live near Muskegon, in a small home on a small lake–my dream home. :,)
    Ps: God has quite a sense of humor!

  7. CONGRATS on the photo being used! What a nice surprise to see family published!!!! Beautiful pic. Love the fact that Michigan is home to so many amazing artists and diversely creative people.

  8. Thank you, this information should be shared far and widely! Not enough people are as proud as they could be of our beautiful state. I am ever surprised to find folks who have never, yes, I said never; traveled outside of Michigan, yet they complain about every thing here, from the weather (1st or 2nd thing missed by people who move to CA, FL and AZ) to the terrible condition of Detroit, one of the oldest and most influential Big cities in the nation ( please visit other old cities that have experienced “White Flight”, industrial collapse, recession, after recession, not to mention governmental corruption) then talk about how we fare. Just watch our Come Back!
    At any rate, we are blessed with variety and the opportunity to experience some glorious natural sights. Short distances from the metropolitan areas in any direction here in Michigan*. You don’t have to be a “camper” to appreciate our wooded areas, just someone who wants to walk off the concrete into lush green and fragrant park lands free to access, because we have State parks, County parks and a generous number of City parks to let you touch base with Mother Nature. I love to travel, but I love that we can travel around taking “Day trips” by car and be amazed every time by the attractions that there are to discover right here in Michigan! I am really a fan of “Pure Michigan” { *we were named one of the 5 best places to survive a Zombie Apocalypse, or any other kind! } Lions and Tigers and Pistons, oh my!! Go BLUE! and SPARTANS too! I can’t help myself…

  9. I’ve lived in Michigan almost my whole life, and I’m wondering what else my state has to offer. I’m very impressed with how well we’ve taken care of our state, but I’m sure we need to stay vigilant in her care and upkeep. Richard Shane

  10. Michigan had 3 offical capitals. Wilst travling the old Lansing Trail from Detroit (the first capital of Michigan)to Lansing (the new capital city), with all the offical documents in tow,they had to spend the night in Argentine. Thus we had Argentine as the offical capital, with all the offical papers, for a few hours anyway. I read this story a long time ago, but I believe it to be true. It will have to be confirmed, of coarse, before putting this up on your site. Thanks for letting me share this little tidbit of our great states history.

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