Stay Active Through the Seasons

Like it or not, winter is right around the corner. Even though the weather is turning cold, the change in seasons is a great time to think about your fitness and health goals. In addition to enhancing or changing up your fitness regimen, it’s important to review your health coverage. Especially for those who buy individual coverage, there’s a short window to make adjustments to your coverage or shop for a new health plan during open enrollment. A proactive approach to your wellbeing is the first step in investing in yourself and taking ownership of your health.

Tips for Right Now

We know the holiday season may be one of the toughest times to get active, but we have tips for staying active from Thanksgiving to New Years. When the cold starts, there are many ways to stay in shape while still having some fun, like walks in the mall with a friend or raking leaves with your family.

Later This Winter…

While it’s easy to make a resolution to get fit around the New Year, it’s even easier to let that goal drop off your radar, which is why we have tips to stay active year round. To stay motivated throughout the seasons, mix it up and know that little changes make a big difference. If you’re having trouble getting started with your active lifestyle, start with walking, one of the best forms of exercise for your heart health. If you’re purchasing an individual or family health plan, don’t miss the deadline to get covered during open enrollment.

For some added help to get in shape, register for Healthy Me today, and reach your health goals with custom health and wellness content, goal tracking and a community for support. Also, check out this blog regularly for daily health and wellness content to stay motivated!

For more information on staying motivated in your fitness routines and saving money while you do it as a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan member, check out these resources:

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