Four ways to break through your workout plateaus

Break throughIf you have been working out consistently but have not seen any results, or have you seen results previously, but now your body composition has stayed the same. There is no need to fear, you have simply hit a workout plateau!

A workout plateau is the point in a workout routine when the progress seems to be at a stand still.  The body composition appears to stay consistent, whether you are measuring by muscle, weight gain or loss, or overall performance strength. Many people meet this point and try to overcome it, but then become frustrated and discontinue efforts to continue toward their goal.

You may be faced with a workout plateau if you are experiencing any of the following signs during your workout:

  • Loss in overall strength
  • Decrease in appetite throughout the day
  • No noticeable progress in at least two workouts
  • Lack of motivation to continue being active
  • Feeling flush in your face
  • Increased irritability in everyday activities

In order to overcome and break through your workout plateau, try implementing these simple steps:

  • Switch up your workout by adding different variables: Small changes are key, so that your body is adapting and making modifications in little ways.  Adding variation of foot width, arm direction, or even body position, can switch things up so that your mind and body are engaged in new ways, to show slightly different results.
  • Find someone at the gym to assist you in your workout and be a “spot”: Having someone to work out with provides an opportunity to gain a substantial amount of motivation during your workout. This can also spark new ideas to implement and ultimately ensures you are correctly pursuing each individual exercise.
  • Choose completely different rep ranges: Switch up the number of each exercise that you are doing.  This gives your mind something else to think about and there is a different small goal within each workout.  Your body will also experience some variation by doing more of, and less of different exercises.
  • Improve your diet with supercharged foods: An exercise goal is nearly impossible to achieve without taking a healthy diet into account.  Working out burns calories, and your food intake restores that.  If too many unhealthy choices are being made, then a workout will seem worthless in the end.

So many people begin to experience this slump when working out, lose motivation, and ultimately end up quitting all efforts to complete their fitness goal. Do not get discouraged because this happens to almost everyone at some point in their workout plan.  There are ways to move past hitting a workout plateau; you just have to find what works for you!

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