Halloween Hazards: Don’t be haunted by ignoring safety

halloween_decosHalloween is here!

With all the crazy costumes, parties, scary movies, jack-o-lanterns, and trick-or-treating for candy, it’s easy to forget to take a moment to consider safety on All Hallows’ Eve. Children and adults alike need to be aware of some of the hazards on this haunted holiday.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of basic safety suggestions related to some of the most common Halloween activities and items. Here are a few simple suggestions to stay safe during the Halloween season:


Pumpkin carving

  • Allow younger children to draw their designs on and have an adult do the actual carving of the pumpkin
  • Adults and older children should use safety carving knives made specifically for carving pumpkins
  • Use glow sticks to illuminate your pumpkins instead of candles
  • If candles are used, ensure the pumpkin is on a flat, level surface to avoid tipping


  • Add reflective tape to costumes when trick-or-treating after dark to stay visible to others and drivers
  • Make sure that costumes fit well to avoid tripping hazards and that masks can easily be seen out of; costumes should be flame resistant too
  • Some makeup can cause allergic reactions or skin irritations – test on an inconspicuous spot before applying to your face
  • Avoid decorative contact lenses – these can cause eye irritation and damage
  • Ensure that all costume accessories like swords or knives are made of soft, flexible materials and that toy guns are “obviously” fake in appearance


  • Don’t Trick-or-Treat alone – always in groups or supervised by an adult
  • Carry a flashlight after dark – be sure the batteries are fresh
  • WALK, don’t run – stay on the sidewalk and always look before crossing the street
  • Only stop at houses with lights on and never enter a stranger’s home
  • Don’t accept rides with anyone you do not know


  • Watch out for candy overload – too much of a good thing will give you a bellyache and isn’t good for your teeth
  • Only eat factory wrapped treats – never eat any home-made treats
  • Always inspect your children’s goodies for any signs of tampering or damaged packaging – toss anything damaged, opened or suspicious looking
  • Be cautious of foods that may contain hidden allergens like peanuts – if you’re not sure, get rid of it
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