Five tips to find the right pair of shoes for you

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Are you wearing the right shoes while exercising? If you answer honestly, it’s probably no. With major companies investing in the development of innovative products at an all time high, it is time to understand what is best on the market for you. Follow these five steps to insure your next purchase is truly the right shoe for you.

  • Measure your feet: Yes I said feet! Most people’s feet are not identical: one is usually bigger than the other and it is critical that you are conscious of this. As crazy as it sounds, you would be surprised as to how many people wear a half size too big or a half size too small. The best way to know your size is go to a local footwear store, sit down, and use their measuring instrument.
  • Identify your purpose:  Think about the purpose of your shoes. Identify the exact purpose for which you are purchasing them.  Managing expectations will save your feet from a lot of discomfort down the road. Don’t forgo running shoes by purchasing “cool” training shoes when your purpose is to get back on the track. Be clear and concise with your needs when shopping for a new pair of shoes so that the salesperson can assist you best.
  • Research brand: Whether Nike, New Balance, Asics or any other brand, it is important that you do your research. Look at each brand and decide which one you will invest the most time and money in. Brand loyalty may be important to you, so spend some time on the company’s corporate website and web store.
  • Pricing: Everything in life costs money. Establish a budget for your latest footwear purchase. The latest on the market from a brand is typically carries the highest price. Visit an outlet store if possible. Last year’s hottest gear and footwear is typically discounted heavily and can be found there.
  • Be fearless: Go and achieve! It is that simple. Don’t procrastinate and sit on your new purchase. Go out and actually try the product. Most footwear companies allow returns even when worn if the customer is not satisfied within a certain time period. Take advantage of this courtesy to ensure you find the right pair for you.

Having the proper shoes are essential to a healthy lifestyle. Many do not truly understand the negative ramifications of wearing certain shoes for longer than necessary. The foot, like anything, adapts and changes over time, but reality remains the better you tend to the comfort and stability of your feet along the way, the fewer problems you’re likely to have in the future.

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