Common health insurance questions answered: What is preventive care and why is it important?

Leading a healthy lifestyle is an effective way to prolong your life and limit your chances of dealing with major health issues. In addition to daily exercise and balanced eating, preventive care includes routine health exams, check-ups for babies and children, tests and immunizations, which can help prevent and detect health problems sooner.

Don’t let a disease unexpectedly take over your life; take action early. Many diseases can be caught in the beginning stages, and if treated in the primary phase, recovery is more likely. Annual doctor visits can help you assess any serious symptoms, as well as keep your health in check. Of course, healthy eating, regular activity, avoiding tobacco and limiting alcohol can also help reduce risk factors.

In addition to keeping you well, preventive care is financially sound too. Any major medical expense for a treatable disease or illness will far exceed the cost of regular check-ups. Preventive care will keep you knowledgeable about your health and in control of your well-being, which will reduce stress and enable a longer, healthier life.

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