#NoMeatFridays: Where to Find Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Michigan

Whether you have a specific food allergy, are following Lent, prefer meatless dishes or are on a specific diet for health reasons, I find that a lot of restaurants are becoming more accommodating than ever to meet the needs of these special diets.

There are numerous restaurants in Michigan that have a lot of healthy, delicious and meatless dishes to choose from. Here are a few if you are looking to try a new restaurant (this list is by no means all-inclusive):

West Michigan


Southeast Michigan

  • Inn Season — Royal Oak. Fresh and creative organic vegan and vegetarian cuisine.
  • Seva — Ann Arbor and Detroit. Complete vegetarian cuisine, including ethnic favorites, and full bar.
  • Sprout House — Grosse Pointe Park. Fresh vegetarian soups and sandwiches served at a cozy health-food store.
  • Om Cafe — Ferndale. Vegetarian, Vegan and Macrobiotic cuisine at this long-running Woodward Avenue spot.
  • Traffic Jam & Snug — Detroit. Lots of vegetarian options, plus house-made beer and cheese at this Midtown stalwart.

And the list goes on. Do you have a favorite restaurant that serves meatless and healthy dishes? What meatless dishes do you like to eat when you dine out?

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk

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  1. Come to Farmington. We have a significant Indian population and that has lead to several good places to eat. For a good, inexpensive meal, visit Namaste. Want ambiance, try Aha. I also love Mediterrean food. My favorite local restuarant is LaMarsa. Great food and service. Thai Kitchen rocks: inexpensive, fresh and good portions. Korea House is another great place. Very friendly stafff. Food is exceptionally fresh and served lightly cooked or raw. First course consists of several small dishes of fresh foods meant to be shared. Very feeling. They have an impressive and extensive tea list.

    At Thai Kitchen, we love the cucumber and peanut salad, fried tofu and the hot and spicy soup and Pad Thai. Favorite Indian foods include samosa, dal, sambar soup and Beghian Bhata (eggplant). At LaMarsa, I love their fattoush salad, lentil soup and Mudardra (I’m sure the spelling is butchered. The dish is lentil w/carmelized onions, over rice. I ask for fresh tomatoes).

    1. Thank you for sharing some of your favorites LaTonya!! They sound delicious and what a great variety to choose from! I will have to check one of them out when I am in the area next 🙂

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