Join Me as I Begin My 12th Year of Walking For Good Health

I had to first open the door and then take the initiative to walk through the doorway, which led me to a brand new life.

Those are the exact words that came to mind when I looked at my front door this morning before I sat down to write this. You see, this is my anniversary week. Eleven years ago on a sunny Monday, Jan. 22, 2001, I reached for that simple brass doorknob and opened the front door of my home. I didn’t just stand there and contemplate my next move; no, I walked out and continued my walk, closing the door behind me! I guess you could almost say that I “closed the door on my past.” And I did it with a big smile on my face.

It was really the first time in 25 years that I knew I wasn’t going to look back. I didn’t care about any of my past diet failures or the fact that I had tried thousands of times before to lose weight. I was also the first time in 25 years that I wasn’t going to use the word diet and associate that word with what I was doing. My focus was simply getting myself ready for a brand new life and putting the past behind me.

And do you know that when I walked out that doorway and continued my walk, I wasn’t looking down at the ground but up instead?Oh yes, I was looking up and for more reasons than one. Winners don’t look down, they look at what’s up and coming. You never see a marathon runner cross that finish line while staring at the ground, do you? They look up and smile as if they own the world, often along with both arms reaching out towards the sky! They hold a sense of power, and that power had finally found me and I was ready for what was coming (my 162 weight loss, for one!).

I looked up for another reason too, because I knew He would help me. Yes, God was there with me every step along the way, and He still is. (He’s there for you too. If you remember any of my words, please remember these… they are more powerful than you know.)

So as I look back at the last eleven years of my life, I can’t help but feel thankful for all the doorways I’ve walked through. It doesn’t matter where I’m at or what kind of building I am in … when I walk through any doorway I know that they all contain the same power for me. They give me the chance to close the door behind me and continue my walk — a walk that has given me 11 years of enjoying that same big smile on my face! And you’ll find that same big smile on my face today as I begin my 12th year of walking.

Now I ask you, the person who I care about and the real reason I write these daily posts: Are YOU ready to open that door, walk out as you shut the door behind you and continue walking?

I know you are powerful enough, but if you need a little help doing so, remember I’m here for you — always.

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