Switch Up Your Routine With These Fun Summer Activities

Summer is a great time to explore some new and fun outdoor activities. Remember, changing your exercise routine is good for the body and increases calories burned. It challenges the muscles and increases the metabolism, because the body and muscles are working harder.

I am sure you have heard of the following activities and probably even tried them a time or two, but I really want to challenge and encourage you to try some of these activities this summer.

Water Works

Good old-fashioned swimming is a great overall cardiovascular and toning exercise. For a person weighing 150 pounds, the average calories burned for 30 minutes is 360. Keep in mind if you weigh less than 150 pounds, the calories burned will be less (and vice versa).

If you aren’t a good swimmer or don’t know how to swim at all, keep in mind that water aerobics is a great cardiovascular and toning exercise. There are numerous toning exercises you can do in the water that isn’t hard on the body’s joints.

Water skiing is another way to burn 270 calories in 30 minutes (for a 150 pound person). This activity tests a person’s upper and lower body strength by balancing on skis in the water. On another note, kayaking is a way to improve upper body strength by paddling the ores around the water. For 30 minutes of kayaking, a person weighing 150 pounds would burn an average of 120 calories.

I never thought I would be the type that is coordinated enough to kayak, but I tried this last summer and absolutely loved it. There are many different types of kayaks.  If you are interested in doing this great summertime activity, I would recommend checking into the type of kayak that will work for you. Some are much easier to maneuver than others and if you are a beginner, you will need the easy kayak to start.

Right Foot Left Foot

In-line skating is a great summer activity. It burns an average of 563 calories in 30 minutes (for a person weighing 150 pounds). This is a low maintenance exercise because all you need is a smooth path to skate on.

If you haven’t tried in-line skating or want to brush up on your skills, I would recommend buying the proper safety equipment, like a helmet and knee and elbow pads. Also, consider renting or borrowing a pair of skates to try out this activity before you make a financial commitment to buying your own pair (prices vary starting around $50 per pair).

Catch This

Ultimate Frisbee is a great way to burn 360 calories in just 30 minutes (again for a 150 pound person). This non-contact sport is a combination of soccer, basketball and football. I have never tried this sport but I would encourage you to do so. It is a great way to meet people and burn calories.

How about disc golf? This activity is the same idea as golfing with a club and a ball, but instead calls for a disc or Frisbee and “Pole Hole” target. The idea is to get the disc to the hole in a few throws as possible. My husband is an avid golfer and loves to change it up a bit by playing disc golf. The bonus here is that you can burn 230 calories in 30 minutes with a combination of walking and throwing the disks.

Take this summer as your opportunity to try something new and fun. What is your favorite summer activity or exercise?

Photo credit: ornoth Resources: www.workoutsforyou.com; www.pgda.com

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