Focus on Social Aspect of Walking to Start First Steps

While incorporating walking into my life, I’ve enjoyed many different kinds of walks. Not only is walking a great way to stay physically fit, but it has also been a wonderful way to spend quality time with my family and friends. Walking is not only good for the heart, but also for matters of the heart. What do I mean by that?

The walks that I take with family or friends produce a camaraderie that encourages conversation and breeds motivation. We learn about each other, help each other with our challenges and grow together by walking together. There’s nothing like this kind of companionship to inspire you and put a little life in your step!

You will be very surprised to discover how quickly the time goes by when you’re walking and talking as you receive a wonderful daily dose of exercise with your family members or friends. I will admit that, during my morbidly obese years, I didn’t want to exercise at all. But if a friend or family member asked me to walk so we could talk about some challenges that they were facing in their life, I wouldn’t hesitate to walk with them. It really didn’t seem like exercise then, and as much as I didn’t want to admit it, I really did enjoy it.

I now consider walking as part of who I am, and I not only enjoy it, I love it!

I realize that there are many people who have the same opinion of exercise as I once did — they don’t want to do it or even discuss it. If this applies to you, then let me suggest that you simply take time each day to walk and talk with a family member or friend. Help each other with daily challenges and notice how great you both feel once the walk is complete.

Walking and talking with a family member or friend is my ultimate favorite way to receive not only my daily dose of exercise, but my daily dose of motivation and inspiration too!

Try it and see for yourself: Walk + Talk = Motivation and Inspiration. Your heart will thank you in more ways than one!

Do you have any walking partners? Tell me about it in the comments area below.

Photo by Kaptain Kobold.

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