Take a Hike This Summer

Summer is a great time to venture out and find a new hiking trail. Walking is a great form of exercise and walking on a nature trail challenges the body in a way that a treadmill or a paved road does not.

With the uneven paths, the muscles have to compensate to keep the body balanced, toning and burning more calories.

Safety First

It is important to be prepared when going on a hike. Here are some pointers so you can have a safe hike:

  • Stay on the trail even if it is rough or muddy
  • Don’t hike alone – grab a partner or two, reducing vulnerability if an accident occurs
  • Obtain a map of your destination
  • Tell someone close to you that you’re going on a hike and the path you will be travelling
  • Check the weather and pack appropriate clothing, equipment and supplies
  • Carry a compass or GPS system
  • Pack water
  • Have an emergency first aid kit on hand – even on short hikes
  • Wear and pack sunscreen and bug spray
  • Your pack weight should not exceed 1/3 of your body weight
  • If you hike with a dog, bring water for them, too and also make sure the dog tag indicates your contact info (name, phone number, address)

New Territory

There are many beautiful hiking trails to choose from throughout Michigan. Check out this link to find the hiking trail near you: Michigan Hiking

To obtain a free hard copy of the hiking trails in Michigan, send a self-addressed, stamped business envelope to:

 MTGA Trail Map
PO Box 27187
Lansing, MI 48909

If you are going out-of-state, remember to pack your hiking gear. Here are trails throughout different states to continue your hiking experience: Hiking Trails throughout the Nation

Photo credit: besighyawn

Resource: www.treadlightly.org

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