The ‘A-Ha’ Moment and 2 Book Authors Who Get it Right About Weight Loss

Jodi Davis

| 3 min read

“You must first win the battle of the mind before you can win the battle of the bulge.”
It’s almost as though George A. Diamond took the words right out of my mouth and pasted them on the front cover of his book, “Don’t Diet! Just Think and Get Thin.” Those words are not just George’s understanding regarding a successful weight loss; as far as I’m concerned, they are entirely factual.


So far, this book has been a very interesting read. I’m finding that Mr. Diamond and I have very similar views where weight loss is concerned. Diamond, a graduate of Wayne State University, claims that he applied the same objective problem-solving skills he learned in college to solve his weight problem. After looking at his bathroom mirror in a different sort of way than he had before, Diamond explains how he felt while encountering his first “a-ha” moment. He then lost 50 pounds in four months and has maintained the weight for over six years.
Of course I’m curious to know whether he and I share any — or all — of the same daily healthy habits. I just finished reading “Why people gain weight,” which I think you will find extremely interesting. Today I’ll be starting the chapter that focuses on taking total responsibility for your weight and your fitness. I took a quick peek and it looks as though Diamond explains in great detail how you cannot control things like the weather, economy, etc., but you can control what you eat and how much exercise you get. I know I’m going to enjoy this chapter, especially since we seem to think alike.

Special Delivery

But I’m not sure how much of the chapter I’ll finish today. Reading it in its entirety depends on the U.S. Postal Service. I’m actually waiting for another book to be delivered to me today; it should be here before day’s end. I can promise you that as much as I love George A. Diamond’s book, the one I am waiting for will take precedence — it’s titled “The Joy Fit Club: Cookbook, Diet Plan and Inspiration.”
I’m as eager to read that book as I am to see it, since the cover contains a photo that I am very proud of. If you look very carefully, you will notice a brunette holding a pair of size 24 jeans — my jeans, the exact pair that I took with me to New York City to show Joy in the green room for one of my two Today show appearances (watch it here), and the same jeans I wore before I hit my “a-ha” moment, as Diamond refers to. Actually, my moment was more of a turning point, which I go into in great detail within the pages of Joy Bauer’s latest release.
Yes, it’s pretty exciting to know that Bauer, the diet and nutrition expert for NBC’s Today show, selected my weight-loss story to be featured in the book, but I’m not the only individual from the Joy Fit Club you know whose personal weight-loss experience is shared in this hardcover book. Jon Stanton’s story is also featured, which thrills me more than you know! Jon, a great friend from the Lansing area and a guest blogger on A Healthier Michigan, once weighed 430 pounds and lost over 200 pounds! How? I could tell you, or I could simply say: “You have to read the book!”
Please make the effort to read both books and share your feedback with me. Your opinion truly matters to me!
Now where is that postman?

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