#HealthyMe: My New Glasses

Dr. Angela Seabright
Mike Miller

| 2 min read

I recently wrote about my decision to have my eyes checked out for the first time in a very long time, and the resulting need for glasses.
I was pretty ambivalent about getting glasses; I disliked admitting age was taking a toll on my eyes, more than actually having to wear them. They can be pretty stylish looking, but how would I look?
Fortunately for me, the very kind, very patient girl at the store made sure that I didn’t look like a bigger dork than usual with my choice of frames. I kinda like ‘em.
The fact that I like the way they look notwithstanding, the difference with them on is shocking. Even though my prescription is quite mild, it is extremely noticeable how much sharper things become when I put them on. I drove around for a little while and went to the store to shop, just to check out how they worked for me. My distance vision is great again and I’m not experiencing the mild blurring up close.
I can really see!
They’re definitely going to take a little getting used to, but that will take less time than warming up to the idea in the first place. This #HealthyMe thing seems to be working out OK.
Photo credit: Brandon Burbank
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