12 Tips for Staying Healthy During Times of Transition

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A New Chapter
Staying healthy when your daily routine changes is a challenge for even the most dedicated health nut. And, if you’re already struggling to make positive changes in your diet and exercise routine, making a big move with a new job or home, can often trigger a setback in your healthy lifestyle. During times of change — even positive change — it can be easy to slide back into old, unhealthy habits.
The issue of staying healthy during a transition is top of mind for me right now because Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (my employer and the sponsor of A Healthier Michigan) this week began moving employees from its suburban Southfield, Michigan offices to downtown Detroit’s Renaissance Center. This means that approximately 3,000 people who work for the company, including me, are going to be undergoing a big change in their daily routine.
The move is very exciting for our company and staff, but even positive changes can disrupt the healthiest habits.
Here are a few of my ideas on how to avoid throwing your healthy habits out the window. And, if you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to adopt healthier habits, use this time of change to seize the day.
  1. Start each day with a positive outlook and healthy frame of mind
  1. Give yourself extra time and permission during the workday to orient yourself to your new surroundings
  1. Bring your walking shoes to work and explore your new environment
  1. Look for nice walking paths, find a walking partner, and acquaint yourself with the area
  1. Try having some walking meetings for one-on-ones, or avoid the phone and email and walk over to the person you need to speak with
  1. Park farther away from the office
  1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  1. Scope out new, healthy lunch options and walk there; or
  1. Bring your lunch to work on the first day to form a healthy (and cost-saving) habit
  1. Plan snacks to avoid temptation or even keep some non-perishable goods in your car if you are tempted by the drive-thru during your commute
  1. Stay Hydrated! Scope out water fountain locations and keep BPA-free refillable containers handy
  1. Learn what resources are available to you to help build healthy routines: Maybe a fitness center, Weight Watchers group or group fitness class is available at or near your new workplace
It takes 21 days to build a habit, good or bad. The way to live a healthier lifestyle is by making small healthy changes today. You can do it! Have you started a new job or changed your daily routine recently? How did you adapt to the change AND stay healthy?
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