Plan a Healthy ‘Yes Day’ With Your Kids

Amy Barczy

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If you’re a parent and you watched the new Jennifer Garner movie “Yes Day” on Netflix, you probably were holding your breath – could you even imagine walking into a foam party in your house?
For those that didn’t watch, you can imagine what a “Yes Day” is: the parents took one day to say “yes” to everything their children asked them to do. There were ground rules and some limits to ensure safety. Of course, the movie took a wild turn.
The spirit of the movie provides a fun inspiration point to break out of routines – especially during the summer months when the weather beckons us to slow down, come outside and relax.
There are plenty of ways to take that carefree “Yes Day” concept into summer for a healthy way to connect with your kids. Here are some suggestions:
Give the kids time to plan ahead: Pick a date for your “Yes Day” and let your kids know what to expect – they’re in charge for a day.
Set ground rules: This is where the “healthy” component comes in. You’re still the parent, after all. Set some basic ground rules, like no phones, spending limits or a distance that you’re willing to drive, and keep the kids focused on activities – not buying new things. If you really want to keep the day more controlled, come up with a giant list of possible activities and give your kids the chance to either spin a wheel, pick an activity out of a bowl, etc.
Get involved: Remember, the best part about this day for your kids is that you participate. You get soaked in the water balloon fight, you get your face painted, you put down your phone and play.
Here are some fun, healthy ideas to kick around:
  • Beach day or water park
  • Breakfast for dinner
  • Camping in the yard
  • Capture the flag
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Dance party with glow sticks
  • Drive-in movie
  • Kids cook everything
  • Outdoor foam party
  • Slip-n-slide
  • Super soaker battle
  • Create a mural
  • Paintball
  • Tie dye
  • Water balloon fight
Every family will have a different definition of what’s “fun” for them – and that’s OK! Try to incorporate some healthy options into the mix of possibilities, but remember: it’s just one day, so if the kids want dessert for breakfast – you can go right back to healthy, balanced meals tomorrow.
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