How to save money during back-to-school and all year long

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Young parents picking out school supplies with their daughter
From new clothes and supplies, to costs associated with the start of after-school activities, the transition from summer fun to study time can be expensive. You shouldn’t have to break the bank on back-to-school essentials. That’s why we’ve compiled some tips on how to save during a time when most people are spending.
Tricks to stay within budget while stocking up on supplies and swag
  • Stick to the staples when shopping for back-to-school clothes. Only replace items that have been worn out from previous years, such as tennis shoes and backpacks.
  • School supplies can cost a small fortune, so it’s important to follow the recommended list provided by your child’s teacher. Avoid indulging in fancy new gadgets as they’re often expensive and unnecessary.
  • Get crafty with notebooks and folders. Adding glitter, stickers, cartoons, jewels and more can turn an ordinary school supply into a fantastic piece of art your kids can show off at school.
Pack up your car and your child’s lunch to save time and money
  • Pack a healthy lunch to keep your child on a well-balanced diet and prevent your kids from purchasing cafeteria food that may be expensive or unhealthy
  • Start a carpool with your neighbors and friends to save money as gas prices continue to climb, and reduce your commute time by sharing the drop-off and pick-up responsibility
Plan ahead for afterschool activities and your wallet will thank you later
  • Upgrade soccer cleats and ballet flats at less expensive, discount retailers to avoid paying department store prices for items that will experience major wear-and-tear throughout the year
  • Bring an afterschool snack that can be enjoyed in the car on the way to after-school activities to save time and money by not having to head home or to the store
Good luck to all of the Michiganders who had their first day of school this week!
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