#WellnessWeds: Get moving to wake up

Shelby Pritchett

| 2 min read

Do you find yourself constantly hitting the snooze button each morning? Do you reach to grab multiple cups of coffee every day? We all lead busy lives, and often times our sleep is compromised causing us to look for caffeine to wake us up. Instead of grabbing a cup of coffee tomorrow morning, start trying the following methods. You’re likely to find yourself more energized and in even better shape.
  • Stretching- In addition to regular physical activity, stretching can help to improve circulation while opening the spine, lower back, muscles and hips which are often troubled zones for many people. When you wake up, ease into these five stretches which will help awaken your body while strengthening your muscles.
  • Get up and move- Quick bursts of physical activity, even just 15 minutes each morning can help to increase blood flow through your body while increasing energy and eliminating fatigue. Tomorrow morning do some jumping jacks, jog in place or move to your favorite song to wake up and feel more energized.
  • One Minute Workout This workout video focuses on total body toning. Participants are allowed to take control of their workout by answering three questions resulting in a custom programmed circuit training session designed for individual’s needs. The video includes more than 115 one-minute exercises designed for all fitness levels and targeting each area of the body. If you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up in the morning you can customize your workout to be as short as you’d like.
  • Choose the right breakfast- Breakfast items such as yogurt and eggs are good breakfast choices because both foods contain tyrosine, a building block for important brain chemicals that allow you to feel more awake. This chemical helps people to think more quickly while feeling more motivated and energetic. Morning snacks such as almonds, bananas and sesame seeds also contain tyrosine. If you’re planning to workout in the morning it is especially important to eat a small breakfast before. Try any of these breakfast items before your next workout or long day at work.
What is your favorite way to wake up before a busy day?
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