Turn Your Summer Getaway into a Workout Wonderland

Dr. Angela Seabright
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Group of sportive people running on the beach.
Everyone loves a summer getaway but sometimes a brief trip can derail your fitness plans. Being away from the gym, forgetting your workout clothes and embracing comfort food could cause anyone to fall behind.
Get back on track with these five beach-friendly workouts:
Kayaking is a fun water activity that’s also an effective workout. The paddling motion engages the shoulders, arms, and back to provide full upper-body training. Most beaches and large lakes have local stores that offer kayak and canoe rentals at reasonable rates.
Stand-Up Paddling
Stand-up paddling is another popular way to stay active at the beach. Due to the balance required, it’s a great core, shoulder and arm workout. Stand-up paddling is also a relaxing activity that calms the mind while strengthening the whole body.
Get physical by hopping on a surfboard and riding the waves. Surfing is a beach staple that improves coordination, balance and overall stamina. It also targets the upper and lower body, including the arms, shoulders, abs and quads.
Who doesn’t enjoy long walks on the beach? Taking a barefoot stroll is a form of cardio that can also strengthen the muscles in your feet. In fact, walking through loose sand requires muscle engagement that stretches from the soles to the calves. No beach? No problem. You can look online for local hiking trails that offer scenic routes in your area.
Swimming is a full-body cardiovascular exercise that increases both strength and endurance. But before taking a dip, practice caution by staying in a populated area and avoiding dangerous currents. Beginners should start with 5-minute intervals swimming parallel to the shore. As the body adapts, extend the lap-time to provide an ongoing challenge.
These are just some of the many exercises that can be performed at a beach or lake. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of your surroundings. Use your imagination and turn your favorite vacation spot into an outdoor gym.
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