Lansing: Join Roxy for Fitness Friday

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Fitness Fridays in Lansing
After spending several hours in the office working on assignments, a lunch break can be much needed. Many employees use their lunch time to cool down and relieve some stress by going for a walk or eating with a friend. Thanks to Fitness Fridays individuals working in downtown Lansing have the opportunity to participate in a lunchtime workout class on the Lansing Capitol Grounds.
The 45-minute workout class begins at noon and is run by Roxy, an instructor at the downtown Lansing branch of YMCA. The first 30 minutes of the class is boot camp style and the final 15 is dedicated to Pilates and yoga stretches which decreases your heart rate. Roxy seeks to provide a variety of workouts to cater to participants’ interests and keep everyone happy.
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Last year the YMCA hosted a Fitness Friday in the same location and many people began requesting more sessions. The class tends to draw in people working in the downtown Lansing area however it’s open to anyone who’s interested. The program is in its first year and there have been about five attendees per class and that number is expected to grow.
Let us know how you like the class in the comments!
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Photo Credit: Lansing YMCA

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