Filipino Seniors Dance to Stay Active and Young

Dr. Angela Seabright
Mike Miller

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Philippine Association of Medical Technologists
Members of the Michigan Chapter of the Philippine Association of Medical Technologists, or PAMET, gathered in a hotel ballroom to practice a special dance routine they’d be performing at an upcoming banquet to install the Association’s newest president. What makes their dance routine so special? These seniors are going to whip and nae nae.
Their routine was choreographed and led by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan registered dietician Grace Derocha, who has experience working with the senior population on staying active and healthy as they age. The PAMET members’ smooth moves belie their actual ages.
We know that dance provides many health benefits: improved cardiovascular and respiratory function, increased strength, endurance and motor fitness, as well as increased cognitive function. The seniors however, seem to love that dance let’s them forget how old they are and keeps them young at heart.
We spoke to several of the PAMET members as they prepared their routine. You can see more about how they stay healthy and active as they age, and what their love for dance does to keep them feeling young, in the video below.
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Photo Credit: Michael Miller, A Healthier Michigan

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