Equip Your Home to Workout Inside this Winter

Shannon Paul

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Let’s face it: some of us just don’t enjoy exercising outdoors in the bitter cold. With icy roads and sidewalks and freezing temperatures, taking a run during Michigan’s winter is not a walk in the park. This isn’t an excuse to not exercise at all – it’s a reason to explore ways to exercise indoors and at home.
Tips for Working Out at Home
Remember, every little bit counts when exercising, and the convenience of having exercise equipment in your own home can’t be beat. To get the most out of your home workout follow these simple tips:
  • Keep your exercise equipment in a designated fitness room or area of your home – this will help you avoid distractions while exercising
  • Treat working out at home the same way you would at the gym; wear appropriate workout attire, have a glass or bottle of water nearby and set fitness goals before beginning your workout
  • Schedule, schedule, schedule. One of the benefits to having equipment at your home is that you don’t need to schedule your workout too far in advance; but this can also be the biggest hurdle. Put time on your weekly calendar to devote to exercise, and stick with it.
  • Turn on the tunes – choose your favorite playlist or catch your favorite television show while working out to keep you motivated
Ready to give working out at home a try? Below are a few of our favorite home equipment:
  • The classic treadmill is always a great option, whether you’re a walker or runner, and you can get a great deal on a used one!
  • Home gyms and weight machines are great for strength training
  • Yoga can be practiced anywhere, including your home
Some of these products can be found at Michigan retailers offering exclusive discounts for members of the Michigan Blues. Check out bcbsm.com/xtras for deals near you!
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