How Healthy Are Hot Tubs?

A good soak in a hot tub can make you feel better, but how healthy are they?

A couple in a hot tub

How Sleep Syncing Can Give You a Better Night’s Rest

Have you heard of sleep syncing? This TikTok trend could lead you down a path toward better sleep. Here are the bullet points.


Should I Cold Plunge Before or After a Workout?

Cold plunges can be a complementary recovery method to vigorous exercise. But exactly when should you take the plunge? Here's what the research suggests.


Benefits of Walking Backwards

It may sound a bit silly, but walking backwards is a great way to incorporate varied movement into your workout. When done safely, it's an exercise that works muscles you don't normally work.


What is #luckygirlsyndrome? 

Ready to follow the new trend of #luckygirlsyndrome? Here’s how to start.

Lucky girl syndrome

How to Enjoy Ludington’s New Accessible Water Trail 

It’s a short, protected route on calm water. Ludington State Park’s new accessible water trail is set to open this summer.

water trail

Vitamin D May Help Prevent Dementia 

Results from a new study that tracked thousands of people in the U.S. show regular vitamin D use may help prevent dementia.

Home caregiver helping a senior woman standing in the bedroom

Postpartum Depression: When to Seek Help 

When it’s not the “baby blues,” certain symptoms following childbirth could be postpartum depression. Here’s how to tell the difference.

In doctor's waiting room, mother kisses baby's hand

New 60-Mile Bike Trail to Stretch from Michigan to Chicago 

The new Marquette Greenway will hug the bottom curve of Lake Michigan as it stretches between three states.

Bicycling in Fall. Urban concept.

“I Had to Get Comfortable with the New Me.” Michigan Woman Reflects on Breast Cancer Battle 

Rebecca Adams’ HER2-positive, stage 3A breast cancer diagnosis came as a shock. Extensive research and lifestyle changes helped her persevere.

Rebecca Adams' HER2-positive, stage 3A breast cancer diagnosis came as a shock. Extensive research and lifestyle changes helped her persevere.

Are e-Bikes a Good Form of Exercise? 

You’ve probably seen them zipping around at high speeds, but are e-bikes really a good form of exercise? It depends on how you use them.

Woman on Mountain bike with blooming flowers

How Much Protein is Too Much?

The amount of protein we need is based on our body weight and activity levels. Consuming too much protein could present health risks.

Generally, people should consume 15 to 30 grams of protein during each meal. Higher intakes of more than 40 grams are no more beneficial than the recommended 15–30 grams at one time, according to most studies.

Why It’s Normal to be Exhausted at the End of the Day 

Brain fatigue is real. It’s also a form of mental self-preservation after hours spent doing a lot of concentrating.

Tired woman in public transportation

What is Aphasia? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment 

This brain disorder causes loss of speech and comprehension. Here’s what else you should know about aphasia.

Matching apples to apples

 TikTok Fact Check: Chia Seed Water 

Is making chia seed water just the latest internet fad, or is this TikTok craze a healthy way to get nutrients and fiber while keeping hunger at bay?

Chia seed drink in glass

What is Manifesting and Does it Work? 

Call it the new version of positive thinking, or even the ultimate expression of self-care. Here’s what to know about manifesting and how it works.

The universe speaks when you stop and listen

Why Summer Colds Seem So Bad Right Now 

It’s not your imagination. A lot of people are coughing and sneezing. Here’s why summer colds are so bad right now.

Flu, colds in the summer. Girl in a knitted hat with plaid with handkerchief sneezes, wipes her nose. Background nature, pool, girl in chaise longue

Brood X Cicada Invasion: Will It Affect Your Home and Garden? 

Trillions of red-eyed cicadas will emerge from the ground this summer leaving some to wonder if t will affect their homes or gardens.

Redeye Cicada on a tree at Gigerline Nature Reserve, ACT on a spring morning in November 2020

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