Susanne Antosh

Aspiring to be Sally O’Malley in spirit (not outfit). Writing about midlife and all its joys. Loving my career and fabulous colleagues at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Being committed to what works. Happy and laughing most of the time.
Image of happy mature couple cooking dinner together.
Food and Recipes

Why Aging Changes the Rules of Nutrition

It’s a bit surprising to learn how much adults’ nutritional needs change during middle age. Learn what you need more and less of as you get older.

Couple enjoying a nature walk.

Taking Care of Your Heart in Your 40s, 50s and 60s

Healthy habits are crucial for your heart during the middle-age decades. Whatever decade you’re in, take some simple steps to show your heart a lot of love.

young girl getting her hair combed, grimacing
Home and Family

Head Lice: What You Need to Know

Just uttering the words “head lice” causes parents of young children to shudder. If you’re faced with an infestation, here’s how to deal.

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