5 Ways to Support Black-Owned Businesses All Year Long  

While February’s celebration of Black History Month is a great reminder to support Black entrepreneurs, seeking out minority-owned businesses shouldn’t stop once the calendar changes to March 

Supporting Black-owned businesses should not be only a trend, but a year-round endeavor to be allies to everyone in our communities. Entrepreneurship can help individuals achieve personal wealth at a rate that exceeds that of non-entrepreneurs – and serves as a pathway to narrowing the racial wealth gap. 

Fighting systemic, racial inequity starts with decisions we make every day. 

Here are five strategies:  

  1. Word of Mouth: Social media influencers aren’t the only voices on the internet. If you’ve experienced great service or a positive interaction at a Black business, let others know. Share with your friends and family, or post about it on your social media channels. Even if you can’t support the business financially, recommending their services to others in your circle can go a long way. 
  2. Hit Subscribe: Email newsletters may seem trivial – but being on a business’ list for updates and sales can make a huge difference to entrepreneurs. It’s also a way for business owners to keep the attention of new customers. 
  3. Leave a Review: The power of positivity goes a long way. For small businesses looking to grow their customer base, a good review on Google, Yelp or on a delivery app can make a huge difference to prospective customers.  
  4. Go Further: Business leaders have a critical role to play in this conversation: take an audit of the external providers that support your company. Are you engaging with Black-owned businesses?  If not, seek out Black Chambers of Commerce or network for referrals to ensure you’re using your platform to lift others up. 
  5. Use Your Consumer Power: Evaluate where and how you’re spending your money. Are most of your purchases from big-box stores and Amazon?  Consider how you can plan to switch some of your purchases to Black businesses – and not just for low-priced items like accessories or food.  There are several ways to find Black-owned businesses online. Here are some sites that can help:  

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