Too Old to Lose Weight? No Such Thing!

It’s no secret that maintaining a healthy lifestyle through adulthood and retirement can be challenging. As you grow older, you lose muscle, your metabolism slows and your hormones change, making it easier to gain weight and tougher to drop pounds. That said, it’s still possible to stay healthy and improve fitness, no matter your age. Here are a few suggestions for developing the kind of habits that can improve your mood and get you to be more active (and maybe even shed a few pounds in the process!):

  1. Focus on building muscle: Experts have found that after the age of 40, you start to lose one percent of your muscle mass a year—a rate that increases after the age of 50. Muscle is key to maintaining strength, having a fast metabolism and keeping your weight down. Make sure you aren’t just doing cardio by adding in some strength training moves using resistance bands or even your own body weight.
  2. Drink plenty of water: Hydration is key for all adults, but it becomes even more important as you age. Keeping your fluid levels high will help you gauge how hungry you are and fill up your stomach, helping you feel fuller. And there are lots of other benefits to drinking plenty of water: being hydrated lubricates joints, regulates kidney function and stabilizes your body’s temperature.
  3. Plan your meals: Planning out your week of meals can help you focus on portion control and motivate you to keep healthy foods like fruits and vegetables in your home. Also avoid eating in front of the TV—enjoying your dinner at the table will slow you down and help your digestive process.

These tips may seem simple, but increasing your physical activity, staying hydrated and prepping meals are small habits that may lead to weight loss and better overall health. Have any other healthy living tips you’ve discovered in retirement? Share them below.


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