Take Charge of Your Health During Men’s Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month which also includes Men’s Health Week. But this isn’t the only time of year you should be committed to healthy habits. From diet and exercise, to general lifestyle, certain behaviors should be consistent all year around.

The most common health concerns for men are heart disease, stroke, depression, lung and prostate cancer. Many people don’t think about how preventable these issues usually are. Testicular cancer is curable when caught and treated early, as are other forms of the disease. Accidents are the number one cause of death for men under 44, and other careless mistakes take millions of lives annually.

Men’s Health Month encourages men to start breaking bad habits, eat healthier, and exercise more. Even something as simple as being a health advocate for the men in your life can have a lasting positive impact. So, whether you’re making major changes or starting off small, Men’s Health Month is a time to set goals and get in control of your health all year long.

Here are a few ways to support the initiative:

  • Wear blue – As the official color of Men’s Health Month, blue attire and blue ribbons are a great way to show your support. Organize a “wear blue” day with your family or friends.
  • Visit a physician or health fair – Meet doctors and healthcare professionals who can inform you about men’s health topics. Common issues are entirely treatable when caught early, so there is no better time to get yourself, or men you know, checked out.
  • Remain aware – Get in for a regular check up and make sure you know the health history of the men in your family. Be informed and stay aware of health risks, this will help you be proactive and move forward toward a healthier lifestyle.
  • Participate in healthy activities – From exercise to diet, the health part of Men’s Health Month is the most important. Go for a bike ride or cook veggies on the grill. Plan something fun, there are a ton of exciting physical activities that are good for you.
  • Advocate – Disperse health tips and ideas online using the hashtag, #MensHealthMonth or #MensHealth. Spreading awareness and engaging men is half the battle in keeping them healthy.

The sky’s the limit! Helping men reach their healthy potential, but being an engaged patient and men’s health advocate is a great start. How else do you or the guys in your life focus on health and wellness?

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