The Health Benefits of Classical Music

It’s quite remarkable how different genres of music can spark unique feelings, emotions, and memories. Studies have shown that music can reduce stress and anxiety before surgeries and we all gravitate toward our own unique life soundtrack.

If you’re looking to reduce stress, you might want to give classical music a try.

The sounds of classical music produce a calming effect letting loose pleasure-inducing dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain that helps control attention, learning and emotional responses. It can also turn down the body’s stress response, resulting in an overall happier mood. Turns out a pleasant mood can lead to clarity in a person’s thinking.

Although there are many great composers of classical music like Bach, Beethoven and Handel, none of these artists’ music seem to have the same health effects as Mozart’s does. According to researchers, listening to Mozart can increase brain wave activity and improve memory. Another study found that the distinctive features of Mozart’s music trigger parts of the brain that are responsible for high-level mental functions. Even maternity wards use Mozart to help newborn babies adapt to life outside of the womb.

It has been found that listening to classical music significantly reduces a person’s blood pressure. Researchers believe that the calming sounds of classical music may help your heart recover from stress. Classical music can also be a great tool to help people who have trouble sleeping. One study found that students who had trouble sleeping slept better while they were listening to classical music.

Whether classic music is something that you listen to on a regular basis or not at all – it wouldn’t hurt to take time out of your day to listen to music that you find relaxing. You will be surprised at how good it makes you feel and the potentially positive change in your health.

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  1. I used to stay in my pink room whenever I feel sad and lonely. It is true that listening to R&B music can reduce the stress level of a person and it can immediately turn into a happy mood when you can relate to the lyrics of the songs. Moreover, I think I need to find a site wherein I can download most of the new songs that are being played today to redeem their mood.

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