The Good Health Magazine Is A Guide To A Better You

Good Health is a magazine published twice a year for Blue Care Network members. This magazine provides members with a one-stop source for a range of information about:

  • Your plan: Confusing topics and phrases are broken down to make them easier to understand. We also include important information related to any additions or changes to your plan.
  • Cost: Information about cost is available so members can better understand what they might have to pay at their next doctor visit or when they receive a medical service.
  • New features: Good Health encourages members to use new features of their coverage that could make navigating their health easier.
  • Health articles: These articles give members a chance to educate themselves on new ways they can get or stay healthy with the guidance of their primary care physician.

Having this magazine allows Blue Care Network to have an ongoing relationship with our members, giving you an easy way to access information you would find useful through one publication. And, hopefully, provide answers to questions you may otherwise have to handle on your own.

In addition, we recently launched Good Health on a new digital platform, so members can read from any device. This new platform also allows members to access bonus material like blogs, podcasts and videos.

Visit to read Good Health now!

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