Keep Your Hair Healthy this Summer with These Tips

Summer brings a lot of things we all love, like warm weather, swimming pools, and outdoor activities. But this warmer weather can bring on unwanted damage to your hair through things like sun, sweat, and chlorine. Don’t worry, you don’t have to stay indoors to keep your hair healthy this summer – here are our top tips for keeping your locks luscious and preventing them from damage in the heat.

  • Wash your hair less frequently. The warm weather likely means your hair will be greasier in the summer, but you should resist washing it every day. Try to wash it every other day (if not every few days), and use products like dry shampoo if you’re feeling greasy. Washing your hair too frequently can dry it out and make it prone to breakage, so doing so less in the summer can help this already damaging time for your hair.
  • Use a UV protector. Our hair should be no different than sunscreen for our face and bodies when it comes to protecting ourselves from UV rays. If you’re not protecting your hair correctly, UVA and UVB rays can cause damage and oxidize the hair. You can try using products with UVA/UVB filters from Stylecaster to help.
  • Incorporate hair-healthy foods into your diet. While there are scalp treatments and proper shampoos out there to help your hair health, filling your diet with the right nutrients can also help you grow healthy hair. Protein such as chicken, omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, and eggs rich in Biotin are all great foods to eat to boost your hair health. Foods filled with vitamin D, iron and zinc, can also help activate hair growth.
  • Treat yourself to at-home scalp treatments. Weekly scalp treatments can make a bigger difference to your hair in the long run than you think, as according to dermatologists, keeping your hair follicles clean can prevent blockage and inflammation that leads to hair thinning. So treating yourself to scalp treatments, including using hair oils, is a good idea for helping your hair health, and summer is a great time to start!

Your hair health can also tell you many things about your health in general – so it’s important to pay attention and keep it healthy. What are you going to do today to take better care of your hair health? Share with us in the comments!

Photo credit: Pexels

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