Boost Your Fitness Level and Career: Join a Sports League!

While many people spent their high school years playing JV and Varsity sports, organized athletics tend to fall by the wayside once you graduate and start into a career. In fact, while three in four adults played sports as a kid, only one in four continue to play as adults.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Sports leagues in Michigan make it possible to take part in your favorite team activities no matter your age. Want to make an even smarter move? Get coworkers to sign up for the league with you as a way to bond and build relationships.

Whether you work with a bunch of beginners or a group of intense competitors, here are a few suggestions for your office-wide summer sports league:

  1. Kickball: A kid classic on the playground, kickball is one of the most popular options in the adult sports league scene. And because it requires up to 10 players on the field, it lets the whole office get involved. The best part is that the rules are simple and can bring back a great sense of nostalgia for your whole team.
    Where to Find Leagues: Total Sports Complex and Come Play Detroit.
  2. Softball: Another sport that accommodates a large team, softball leagues tend to let you change some of the rules to make the game easier. Don’t have great batters in your group? Play a foul-less game to let nervous hitters enjoy themselves.
    Where to Find Leagues: City of East Grand Rapids.
  3. Soccer: This sport is perfect for an office full of high-energy people who love to run. Soccer is also great for spectating, so coworkers can easily support the team from the sidelines if they don’t want to lace up their cleats.
    Where to Find Leagues: Midland Soccer Club and Marquette Adult Soccer.

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