Learn from Example: How Michigan Goes Above and Beyond for the Environment

Being kind to the environment is something many Michiganders are passionate about in their daily work and hobbies. In fact, Michigan has one of the highest number of ‘green jobs,’ in America. About 70,000 people work in renewable energy and more than 64,000 in “advanced transportation,” which includes working on hybrid or electric cars. There are also many Michigan towns and small businesses going above and beyond to be eco-friendly. Get inspired to do all you can by seeing how these cities, organization and companies in Michigan put the environment first:

  • Environment Michigan: Environment Michigan, located in Ann Arbor, researches the environmental challenges facing Michiganders and educates the public about what’s at stake. Currently, they’re working on big initiatives concerning global warming, clean water, renewable energy and more. Learn more about how you can get involved in Environment Michigan here.
  • Boxed Water is Better, LLC: This Grand Rapids-based company sells water in cardboard boxes—a packaging that’s more sustainable than typical plastic bottles. About 76 percent of the Boxed Water carton is made from renewable sources and the boxed water is carbon-filtered. Boxed Water is currently available in select locations in California, Michigan, Illinois, Georgia, Florida and Wisconsin. For more information on this cool company, check out their website.
  • Clothing Matters: Textiles is one of the world’s most toxic industries —something that this Grand Rapids apparel store is trying to change. They are committed to selling apparel created from sustainably sourced materials and socially responsible manufacturing methods, ultimately reducing carcinogens in closets, communities and ecosystems. You can learn more about this company helping the environment here. For other places to green up your wardrobe in Michigan, check out this blog post.
  • Southfield, Michigan: This city strives to protect the environment as much as possible. The city planners and elected officials are committed to preserving natural areas and reducing the overall carbon footprint across the globe. The city has won several awards for its green programs and projects, like a lake restoration project and environmentally friendly parking lot. Check out what Southfield is doing here.

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Photo credit: Eli Duke

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