Get Wild This Summer: Visit One of Michigan’s Many Zoos

The proud roar of a lion, the striking blue of a peacock’s feathers and the impressive length of a giraffe’s neck, are all features that many zoos offer all over Michigan. This summer, put aside time to visit the exotic animals from around the world. While you’re looking for something to do on a hot and sunny day, take a minute to check out one of Michigan’s 26 zoos and petting zoos. Here is some information on some of the most visited zoos in Michigan.

Detroit Zoo

The Detroit Zoo has over 2,600 animals of 265 species. This zoo features award-winning exhibits such as the Great Apes of Harambee and the Arctic Ring of Life. Not only are you surrounded by animals in the Detroit Zoo, but there are other attractions including a 4-D theater, simulation ride and a giraffe encounter, when a giraffe eats directly from your hand.

Binder Park Zoo

The Binder Park Zoo is located outside of Battle Creek, Michigan. This zoo was voted one of the best day trips and top family attractions in Michigan by the members of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The Binder Park Zoo has one of the largest giraffe herds in the country. There are also over 600 animals of 140 species. If you’re driving through mid-Michigan, make a pit stop at the Binder Park zoo, you won’t regret it.

Potter Park Zoo

Located in Lansing, Michigan is the Potter Park Zoo, home to more than 500 animals of 160 different species. Recently, this zoo planned to focus their facility on conservation education, making this zoo an ideal destination to take your children to learn and have a fun time.

John Ball Zoo

The John Ball Zoo is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This zoo just added three majestic tigers to their wildlife exhibit. Not only are there a ton of animals to see, there is also a zip line, and camel rides available, for the adventurous. The John Ball Zoological Society strives to combine education and wildlife preservation in order to protect the future of endangered wildlife.

Garlyn Zoo

The Garlyn Zoo is the largest zoo in the Eastern Upper Peninsula and is located only 40 minutes away from the Mackinac Bridge. This zoo is jam-packed with both animals from around the world, and hundreds of native North American animals. This zoo was opened by a couple from a small town so it is family-centered and a great destination for you and your family.

You are never too old to take a trip to the zoo. The next time you get a chance, take you and your family to a zoo near you and experience wildlife, right before your eyes.

Photo credit: Mark Doliner

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  1. You missed our charming zoo here in the Tri-Cities. The Children’s Zoo at Celebration square is AZA accredited and features a train and hand-carved carousel. We are a great, family friendly, destination for children and adults to visit in Michigan!

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