Keep your feet healthy and happy this summer


We often forget about one of the most important parts of our body when it comes to health – our feet.  Staying current with the health and fitness of your feet will help you keep moving, which helps your overall health.

Remember to keep your feet clean and dry. Good hygiene is the best start to all physical health.  There are many fungi that are more prevalent in the heat and when we are wearing sandals or flip flops we are that much closer to them.  Even when wearing shoes, make sure to choose a pair made with breathable material and not something that is going to keep your feet sweaty, creating a breeding ground for fungus.

That leads to the next issue, foot protection.  When we’re trying to be healthier and are exercising outside, at the gym or maybe riding our bikes, we need to be mindful of what footwear we are using.  Wearing the right gym shoes is beneficial for both better performance and protection. Make sure your shoes fit properly, too.

While you’re putting sunscreen on yourself, remember to apply some to your feet.  The skin on your feet can be sensitive to UV light and melanomas on the feet can be some of the most deadly forms of cancer.

Staying hydrated not only helps with your energy levels and skin health, but being hydrated helps keep your feet from swelling. Along with hydrating, flex and move your feet when you are sitting for any period of time, especially when travelling by airplane. This will keep the blood circulating and help alleviate swelling, too.

If you do develop a blister or other foot issue, know your first aid and keep an eye on it.  A simple cut or abrasion on the foot can be complicated if not cared for properly.  Know when to seek your Doctor’s help, if there is redness, pain or sign of infection.

Be healthy, safe and keep moving this summer by taking care of your feet.

Photo credit: Greg Pye

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