Do you know what to do? Answers to healthy dilemmas

Everyday  health dilemmasFrom what you should grab for lunch to when your alarm should go off in the morning, we’re all faced with a countless number of health decisions every day. While some choices are pretty obvious and logical (yes, an apple is a better side than those fries), there are other questions that don’t have a clear answer. To help, we’ve outlined the best strategy for some of the more confusing health dilemmas we all face.

Healthy dilemma #1: You couldn’t fall asleep until way after your bedtime but you have an early morning wake-up call to hit the gym. Should you sleep an extra hour or still get up and exercise?

Better choice: Get up and exercise

While sufficient rest is vital to your body’s well-being, a full eight hours every single night isn’t necessary for optimal health. In fact, studies show that people who sleep for just six or seven hours a night have a lower mortality rate than those who regularly get eight or more hours of shut eye. Waking up early to exercise not only helps jumpstart your day and metabolism, it can also lead to improved mood and productivity. Regularly stuck counting sheep? Check out a recent blog post we just ran on tips for how to get a good night’s sleep.

Healthy dilemma #2: You’re on the road with nothing nutritious to eat for breakfast. Should you eat the only thing available—a glazed doughnut—or skip the meal completely?

Better choice: Doughnut

Strange, but true. If you haven’t eaten anything for more than eight hours, you will start to feel hungry and your blood sugar will drop, making it difficult to focus. Additionally, those that skip breakfast traditionally end up consuming more calories later in the day than those who opt for a morning meal (yes, even if it is just a plain doughnut). For easy a.m. recipes, check out our recent blog post for slow cooker breakfast ideas.

Healthy dilemma #3: You can barely find the time to work out during the week, so you opt for an extra-long session on Saturday. Is that single four-hour bike ride better than squeezing in 30 minutes a few days a week?

Better choice: Exercise half an hour, three days a week

Ideally, you should try to work out 30 to 60 minutes, 3 to 5 times a week. Spreading it out is best because every time you exercise, you reap benefits. Taking the “weekend warrior” approach can also negatively affect your body, making you more prone to injury and muscle strains, according to research. Can’t make it to the gym? We show you how to squeeze in a workout four minutes at a time in this blog post.


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