Healthier restaurant options while visiting the NAIAS in downtown Detroit

No matter where you are in the city of Detroit there are lots of delicious food options. Unfortunately eating out doesn’t always provide the healthiest options, especially for those trying to work on New Year’s resolutions. The National American International Auto Show kicks off in downtown Detroit this weekend, so we thought we would provide a list of healthy options at popular restaurants around the auto show.

The list includes bars and nicer dining options:

Grand Trunk Pub

The Grand Trunk Pub is a restaurant and bar in a building near Campus Martius that is definitely worth a visit. It is a former Grand Trunk Railway ticketing station and they also have delicious food. The menu includes several sandwiches, salads and entrees that you would never expect to find at a bar. Some of the healthier options include a Veggie Riot, a Grilled Caprese and a Dublin Garden sandwich.

Santorini Estiatorio

If you find yourself in Greektown, Santorini Estiatorio is the newest Greek restaurant in the area.  They have some traditional Greek food and the restaurant would be a great choice for lunch or dinner.  They have a vegetarian version of the traditional dish Moussaka, a healthier option if you are interested in trying a Greek dish.


Colors is a unique option because they are dedicated to training young students and adults in the city of Detroit to work as waiters and waitresses. Their menu also includes local and fresh ingredients. All of their entrees are served with sides, ask for seasonal vegetables or a salad to go with your meal for a healthier twist.


Roast is a downtown Detroit favorite and an excellent option for a nice dinner experience.  The restaurant is by Michael Symon and they have a delicious root vegetable and feta salad that would be a great option to have with your dinner.  We even have the recipe here.

Bucharest Grille

Bucharest Grille is a Mediterranean restaurant with a fun atmosphere near Comerica park. You cannot go wrong with a Chicken Shawarma entree, wrap or salad. There are also quite a few vegetarian options if you are looking to get in extra veggies for the day.

Are you visiting the NAIAS this weekend? What are the healthy restaurant options you found in downtown Detroit?

Photo credit: Fellowship of the Rich

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